Three of our Vila Vita Collection properties available in Salema, Villa Mar Azul, Mar à Vista, and Villa Alegria, offer a luxurious way to experience the authenticity of the timeless location. The warm welcome of the people, the simplicity of village life, and a chance to take time out from the world. Simple pleasures that we value as the greatest luxuries. 

The Vila Vita Collection offers exclusive, lovingly decorated properties in hand-picked beachside villages where traditional Algarvian life lives on, and natural landscapes thrive. Each is managed by our team who ensure the highest level of comfort, style, and service in an unspoiled location. 

Villa Mar Azul is aptly named, located on a clifftop overlooking the golden sands of Praia de Salema, with breathtaking views over the deep blues of the ocean. From here, the parade of brightly painted fishing boats coming and going becomes part of a unique perspective into a simpler way of life. 

Similarly, Mar à Vista is all about perspective, with stunning ocean views that span across the ancient coastline, allowing you to truly appreciate the wonders of nature and contemplate the passing of time nestled in interiors inspired by the age of discovery. 

Villa Alegria takes its name from a feeling of joy and serenity, experience this sensation in a luxurious, contemporary setting in harmony with the natural serenity that surrounds it. A place to find balance and tranquillity, a sophisticated retreat to escape into a world of your own. 

Salema invites you to experience life here, to sit and watch the vibrant colours of the fishing boats returning to the shore, watch as the fishermen haul in their catch, watch as they clean their nets for the next day. Later in the small restaurants and bistros, the day’s fish is served as the sun set lazily over the sea. There is a wonderful harmony to it all. 

Some people come to a place to change it, others allow a place to change them. The more time people spend here, the more we hope they discover the same passion we have for the Algarve. This spirit has grown from places like Salema, these are the places we first discovered a love that has been written into the story of Vila Vita Parc


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