Easter in the Algarve is a time where families gather around the table, different generations sharing the joy of creating the traditional aromas and flavours of Portugal together.

“Folar” and “cabrito assado” (roasted kid) are highlights of our wonderful Easter feasts, and they are best enjoyed among family and friends as celebrate the arrival of spring.

Three of our Vila Vita Collection properties available in Salema, Villa Mar Azul, Mar à Vista, and Villa Alegria, offer a luxurious way to experience the authenticity of the timeless location. The warm welcome of the people, the simplicity of village life, and a chance to take time out from the world. Simple pleasures that we value as the greatest luxuries.
Salema is one of the great undiscovered treasures of the Algarve, a serene and tranquil fishing village where time seems to have stood still for generations. Inspired by this, the Vila Vita Collection properties Villa Mar Azul, Mar à Vista, and Villa Alegria, offer you the luxury of time away from the world, luxury crafted by a timeless location. 
All kids love dinosaurs, fossils and footprints intrigue them because they feel so ancient. As they realise that “This footprint was made over 125 million years ago!” young ones will jump at the chance to literally walk in the footprints of dinosaurs and travel back in time to when the prehistoric giants first walked on the golden sands of Salema.
Located at the heart of Armação de Pêra, this historic villa has been a famous landmark on the Armação de Pêra coastline for many years. Now, we are delighted to welcome you to experience its unique connection to the region’s rich cultural history. 
Much like the flower that grants its name, there is more to this beach house than first meets the eye. To understand why, we take a closer look at some of the fascinating depths of the Hibiscus flower.
Playing an important role in our history, Estrela do Mar is unique among the VILA VITA Collection as the original holiday home of one of our founding members and remains today as a love letter to their first memories of the Algarve.

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