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For many years, Portugal has been nominated as one of the best places to live and visit in terms of quality of life and wellbeing. The Algarve, with its Mediterranean diet, blue skies, perfect climate and relaxed atmosphere, seems to make people feel happier and healthier from the moment they arrive.

Whether it's an afternoon siesta or meeting friends over a glass of wine, the Portuguese know how to keep things simple and enjoy a stress-free life. Be inspired to get outdoors, eat well... or just relax on the beach.

Wellness at the beach


Walking, hiking, cycling and swimming are among the most popular outdoor activities available throughout the Algarve’s seasons - and can be enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels.

Take time to switch off and pamper yourself with our range of in-villa wellness services, including massages, yoga or beach/poolside mindfulness sessions. You can also choose a more active stay by booking a personal trainer to help you achieve holiday fitness goals all from the privacy of your own villa.

Wellness Retreats

Wellness Retreats

Discover a new approach to wellness - inspired by your holiday home in the sun. The ultimate in bespoke luxury wellness retreats is our Private Villa Retreat programme, where guests can hand pick the very best trainers, chefs, practitioners and services to be delivered in the exclusive confines of the incredible villa accommodations, at the same time as having all of the region’s amenities and beautiful surroundings at their fingertips.

Bring a group of friends and find your balance and happiness together.

For more information, please contact villas@vilavitaparc.com

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