A fitting name for our fantastic beach house, the Hibiscus flower has a long history of spiritual meanings that perfectly describe not only the distinctive Boho style, but also the lifestyle that our guests will experience there.

The White Hibiscus is a symbol of purity and natural beauty, fitting for its location overlooking the Salgados nature reserve, a wetland sanctuary for protected bird species that hikers and cyclists can enjoy throughout the year.

Yellow Hibiscus are given as gifts of joy, good luck and sunshine, representing the perfect climate of the Algarve. With over 300 days of sunshine every year, blue skies and outdoor living are a part of our daily life in the Algarve, something we are always grateful for.

The colour of love, family and friendship is expressed in the Pink Hibiscus, for while nestled from the bustle of the outside world, the villa is within easy reach of the region’s incredible restaurants and tavernas, places to create special memories with the people that matter most to you.

Hibiscus flower

For those looking for the promised adventures of the Red Hibiscus, visitors to the nearby towns of Guia and Albufeira will discover a vibrant nightlife and a unique cultural identity. There are plenty of activities for all the family with water parks, boutique shopping centres, and a sand sculpture park, all nearby.

Finally, the Purple Hibiscus was traditionally given as part of the warmest of welcomes, something that VILA VITA is proud to offer to all of our guests. A stay at the Villa Hibiscus Beach House enjoys all the amenities of VILA VITA Parc, from our bars, restaurants, and spa facilities, to any bespoke in-house services you may require.

The beautiful Hibiscus, like our villa, represents even more than its dazzling appearance first lets on. From the location, to the lifestyle, to the memories of time spent there, this is a flower, this is a place that represents everything that is best in life.


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