Playing an important role in our history, Estrela do Mar is unique among the Vila Vita Collection as the original holiday home of one of our founding members and remains today as a love letter to their first memories of the Algarve.

This is why to stay at Estrela do Mar is to understand the heart of the VILA VITA Parc experience, every sight and sensation experienced here played its part in inspiring our philosophy. The warm welcome of the local people, the simplicity of village life, the luxury of time away from the world - these are the treasures they valued so highly here, treasures they would one day share with guests from around the world.  

They would sit and watch the vibrant colours of the fishing boats returning to the shore, watch as the fishermen would haul in their catch, watch as they cleaned their nets for the next day. Life here sometimes seemed to stand still, but there was something soothing about that feeling, something that took them away from the stresses of work and the demands of the day. 

Estrela do Mar

Later in the small restaurants and bistros, the day’s fish would be served as the sun set lazily over the sea. There was a wonderful harmony to it all. Everything here seemed to have a place, everything seemed to belong. As VILA VITA Parc grew, memories of Estrela do Mar helped to ensure that it too belonged. 

Estrela do Mar

As time went on, the residence has been lovingly renovated to bring contemporary luxury to an authentic experience, but the world around it remains as it was. The brightly painted boats are still there, the fishermen's cottages still stand, and the bistros still serve the most amazing seafood. Everything that its original owner loved so much remains preserved in Salema and celebrated in VILA VITA Parc. 

Estrela do Mar

Some people come to a place to change it, others allow a place to change them. The more time people spend here, the more we hope they discover the same passion we have for the Algarve. This spirit has grown from places like Estrela do Mar, these are the places we first discovered a love that has been written into the story of VILA VITA Parc.  


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