Located at the heart of Armação de Pêra, this historic villa has been a famous landmark on the Armação de Pêra coastline for many years. Now, we are delighted to welcome you to experience its unique connection to the region’s rich cultural history. 

A family summer home for over 80 years, we discovered an intimate sense of legacy and tradition that we wanted to preserve for future generations to enjoy. This is a place of tranquillity, a sanctuary of special moments and memories. 

Our recent renovation was committed to retain as many of the original features as possible: a unique wooden floor, antique chandeliers, and a spectacular staircase have all been lovingly restored to offer an authentic experience. A journey back in time, both evocative and inspiring.

Red Chalet - Armação de Pêra, Portugal

Lose yourself reading as ocean waves crash, dine al fresco as palm trees’ sway, share a dance in tune to the tides of the sea. Like living upon the ocean itself, the spectacular beachfront setting invites you to truly escape and enjoy the simpler things in life. 

With direct access to the beach and the historical town centre, it perfectly balances today’s comforts with yesterday’s romance. From the picturesque church square it overlooks to the local flavours of the restaurants nearby, a stay here offers a chance to discover everything we love about the Algarve, from past to present.  

Red Chalet balcony - Armação de Pêra, Portugal

As well as the main house, a new beach house extension retains the traditional features reimagined in a more contemporary aesthetic. This makes it perfect for all the family, providing a younger space, fully equipped and independent. 

Large terraces make the most of long summer days and endless blue skies, with a range of authentic, bespoke experiences available for those who want to get off the beaten track and explore the real Algarve.  

From local tours and artisanal traditions, to the flavor’s and entertainment of the Armação Beach Club, the Red Chalet is a place to get away from the stresses of modern life. After all, in a world where time is a luxury, what greater luxury could there be than spending it where time stands still? 

Red Chalet - Armação de Pêra, Portugal

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