Salema is one of the great undiscovered treasures of the Algarve, a serene and tranquil fishing village where time seems to have stood still for generations.

Inspired by this, the Vila Vita Collection properties Villa Mar Azul, Mar à Vista, and Villa Alegria, offer you the luxury of time away from the world, luxury crafted by a timeless location. 

We have always felt a passion to preserve places like Salema and the simple way of life that lives on there - and now our guests are beginning to share this passion too. Despite a pristine beach regularly voted one of the best in Europe, people fall in love with a place still, somehow, out of time. 

Travellers here follow in the footsteps of some of the most extraordinary journeys ever taken, this coastline has a tradition of discovery, from the fleets that set sail in search of a new world to the footprints of dinosaurs in the sands of the Algarve’s own Jurassic coast. 

More and more, we find our guests on their own journey of discovery and experience, seeking out something authentic and meaningful. As one of the region’s best-kept secrets, Salema is the perfect destination for those looking for an escape into sanctuary. In Arabic, the word describes a place of purity, somewhere flawless, and so it remains. 

The Vila Vita Collection has been carefully curated to celebrate places just like Salema, inviting you to discover cobbled streets, whitewashed cottages, and colourful fishing boats just as we did. We are proud that our guests create their own memories here, precious moments that become a part of the continuing story of Salema. 


Latest Stories

Playing with Time

All kids love dinosaurs, fossils and footprints intrigue them because they feel so ancient. As they realise that “This footprint was made over 125 million years ago!” young ones will jump at the chance to literally walk in the footprints of dinosaurs and travel back in time to when the prehistoric giants first walked on the golden sands of Salema.

Unique Salema Experiences

The Algarve is renowned for golden beaches and warm sunshine - yet so much of its history, culture, and diverse natural landscapes remain unexplored by tourists. Here are some ideas for your break in Salema to help you off the beaten track. 

Time Crafted by Luxury

Three of our Vila Vita Collection properties available in Salema, Villa Mar Azul, Mar à Vista, and Villa Alegria, offer a luxurious way to experience the authenticity of the timeless location. The warm welcome of the people, the simplicity of village life, and a chance to take time out from the world. Simple pleasures that we value as the greatest luxuries.

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