In Arabic, "Salema" describes a place of purity, somewhere flawless, somewhere safe.

And after so many centuries have passed, the name still rings true for the picturesque fishing village known as the Algarve's best kept secret. 

One of the most amazing things about Salema is how it still remains as such. The pristine beach has been repeatedly voted as the best in Europe, yet it has never lost its place at the heart of what makes the Algarve so unique. At Vila Vita Parc, we have a passion to preserve our home here and, now more than ever, our roots are what our guests come to us for.

Salema beach

As well as playing an important part in our own story, many extraordinary journeys have passed by these shores, enriching the unspoiled sands with the memory of their passing. From the armadas that set sail from Lagos to voyages of discovery launched from Sagres, from the guiding light of the Ponte de Piedade to the meandering trails of ancient dinosaurs, history succeeded where mass tourism failed by finding sanctuary at Salema.

Dinossaur footprints in Salema, Algarve
Dinosaur footprints, on Salema's beach sandstone.


Today, we find many of our guests want to do the same, and here we can offer them a retreat from the crowds, somewhere to be inspired. As the world tries to find a new normal in difficult times, Salema provides the reassurance of a place out of time. As summer draws to a close, artists stay here with us to find their muse, writers come to find peace and quiet, and travellers from across the world come to experience that most precious of things. Simple authenticity.

Salema is perfect for off-season travellers

The Vila Vita Collection is a home from home for our guests, they fall in love with Salema's cobbled streets, whitewashed cottages, and colourful fishing boats just as we did. They have discovered their own memories here, moments spent with loved ones, long days of golden sands and blue skies.

We are looking to find sanctuary, a place to feel free. We are looking for somewhere safe. We are looking for Salema.

This brings us back to the meaning of Salema, with more and more people living differently, working differently, the idea of how we take a break is changing too. We are looking to find sanctuary, a place to feel free. We are looking for somewhere safe. We are looking for Salema.

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